Specialists Matched to Meet Your Needs

    When caring for a loved one with special needs, you want to provide them with the best quality of life possible. You can get the help you need by coordinating with our specially trained professionals to create a holistic life care plan, while balancing your own needs and those of other family members.

    Business Owners

    Whether you’re looking to offer your employees a comprehensive benefits package, protect your business from the unexpected, or plan for life after the business, MassMutual can help.

    Specialists Matched to Meet Your Needs

    "Our business is all about helping people and the best satisfaction comes when a client thanks me for making a difference in their life." Bruce Sham, Senior Vice President

    Preparing You for the Unexpected

    "The process of planning for one's financial future can often be overwhelming. I take pride in knowing that I help my clients find greater financial security." Anthony Spatichia, Assistant General Agent

    Solutions for Protecting What Really Matters

    "I continuously strive to make a positive difference in people's lives. I am gratified in knowing that our company is respected in the community and that we're providing a valuable service in return." Caren R. Levine, Financial Advisor

    “Since 1886, we have served the Greater Philadelphia community by helping local residents and businesses secure their financial futures. We are proud of our rich history here and our commitment to this community is strong”

    Harris S. Fishman President and CEO

    Join Our Team

    Complement your own financial goals with a career that is tied to the time and energy you invest. Explore a career with MassMutual Greater Philadelphia and learn how we can help you achieve success in a career helping others.

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